Pest Control Basildon

Discount pest control basildon council

Are you looking for a Pest Controller in Basildon. Basildon council has stopped offering pest control services now. As a council approved contractor you can have confidence and trust that we can help you. Our team is fully trained and you have the assurance of using a NPTA associated contractor.

A council approved contractor.

Discount Pest control Basildon Prices

Rat / mice control 3 part treatment = £95

Wasps nest treatment (standard treatment) £37.00

Bedbug treatments 2 part visit £110.00

Flea treatment 2 part visit £95.00

Moth treatment 2 part visit £95.00

Mole control 2 part treatment POA

Ant treatment £32.00 per visit

Squirrel capture per visit £39.00

Fox catching per visit £50.00

CCTV survey £115.00

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Call the Local experts today. We promise to be with you within 90minutes and get you pest problem under control quickly.

Our Phone number at pest control Basildon is 01268 858903 .